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Volunteer Appreciation Program

Who is eligible?

Everyone is eligible to participate in the Volunteer Appreciation Program. The exception to this rule is whenever your work for KUTE is towards another program or you are being paid for this work.

How does it work?

Whenever you do volunteer work for KUTE, mark the date, activity done, number of hours and have a representative of KUTE initial your booklet to indicate that the work was done. Also mark this information in the Master Volunteer Book located at the Depot so we can keep track of total volunteer hours worked.

What work could I do?

Many jobs qualify for this program, such as, sorting paper, tidying the Trading Post, and telephoning for events. If you are unsure, contact a representative of KUTE for clarification.

How am I appreciated?

After you have accumulated 100 volunteer hours, a hemp/cotton blend T-shirt (sizes limited) or a baseball cap will be presented to you. These items are not available except through this Program.

If you would like to volunteer or help us by getting involved, please call us at (250)632-6633 or email us at

Thank you!

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